Data Science

With a human-first approach to data and a behavioral science lens, OGC Global goes beyond conventional methods and specializes in machine learning and other advanced modeling techniques to unlock insights and augment traditional research and analysis. Our whole practice is dedicated to pulling data from CEM platforms and evaluating it in conjunction with other operational components of the business to drive key decisions.

Data Science Capabilities

Behavioral pattern recognition

Identify and proactively categorize consumers based on their behaviors.

CX financial linkage

Demonstrate the ROI of CX programs and link CX variables to financial outcomes.

Advanced customer segmentation and profiling

Pinpoint key customer groups to achieve more targeted customer communications.

Missing majority

Validate and ensure that CX research is representative of the entire customer base.

Pricing and packaging modeling

Simulate effects of changes on new/existing customers with choice-based models.

Customer base audit

Align business goals with the needs of high CLV customers to improve CX.

Past Success Story

Quantifying CX ROI through Behavioral Modeling and Simulation
In 2023, a major insurance provider sought to understand the impact of customer experience (CX) and loyalty programs on policy renewal. OGC Global conducted an extensive analysis to quantify the ROI of CX improvements, leading to strategic changes that boosted annual recurring revenue (ARR) by over $50 million.
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