Business Intelligence (BI)

Our Business Intelligence (BI) team proactively combines best practices for data visualization with actionable insights to drive key decision-making. We are experts in data management and manipulation, advanced analysis, and data visualization, creating dashboards that are easy to consume and have a tangible impact on key business objectives.

BI Capabilities

Tableau and Power BI Reporting

Use advanced syntax, data manipulation, and calculations to create data viz.

Data Visualization

Provide clarity in deliverables as we believe communication is key to data literacy.

Advanced Analytics

Collaborate with the Data Science team to pull internal analysis into our BI work.

Dynamic Insights

Generate actionable insights to create highly tailored and meaningful filters.

Data Manipulation and Management

Extend expertise in VBA, data cleaning, pivoting, stacking, and writing macros.

Interactive Infographics

Deliver high-level data viz with insights that are live and refreshes every day.

Past Success Story

Using Big Data to
Thoughtfully Visualize
Trends and Answer
Key Business
A financial investment company was working on creating a central hub of data, including financial metrics, demographic information, customer experience data and operational data. OGC Global produced a set of Tableau dashboards to help visualize all of this data together, looking at relationships between data sources, and comparing key segments to see where business improvements can be made, leading to insights the company had never been able to see previously.
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