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Using Big Data to Thoughtfully Visualize Trends and Answer Key Business Questions
Business Intelligence


A financial investment company was working on creating a central hub of data, including financial metrics, demographic information, customer experience data and operational data. OGC Global produced a set of Tableau dashboards to help visualize all of this data together, looking at relationships between data sources, and comparing key segments to see where business improvements can be made, leading to insights the company had never been able to see previously.


When so much data is present and newly available, the biggest challenge is narrowing down what is truly important and why. The scope was originally much too broad, as the client wanted to see everything possible. Working together with the client to decipher the key business questions and understanding their needs / pain points, was necessary in order to know what dashboards to produce and what metrics to focus on. The OGC Global team ended up producing an Overview dashboard, followed by deep dives into Interactions (CX) and Financial metrics specifically, with the ability to have side by side segmentation comparisons for every single visualization.


The OGC Business Intelligence team worked closely with the client to take multiple SQL tables and combine and visualize them in one cohesive Tableau workbook. The metrics and key business questions were divided into key categories, with dashboards reflecting each category (Overview / Big Picture, CX Phone Interaction, CX Web Interactions, and Financials).
The client wanted to be able to both filter the dashboards for particular segments and view each key segment side by side. OGC created interactive dashboard buttons that gave the team pop-ups with segmentation comparisons. This allowed the team to identify what segments were performing well or needed attention on each metric. They could then filter down to just that segment to deep dive even further with additional segmentations. This was key in identifying problem areas. The OGC team also built wave over wave comparison so the client could track improvements or shortcomings as they move through the project.


These dashboards garnered a lot of excitement from the management team. They are using the dashboards to answer their business questions that they previously did not have insight into. There is already a list of segmentations the client is interested in adding once they have the data available in their database, so this project will continue to grow and gain additional insights.


Customized approach
Advanced UI/UX in dashboards
New insights into the business
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