Customer Experience Management (CEM)

CEM is foundational for any customer experience (CX) program, but doing it well takes both rigor and vision. We offer services to help you mature your Voice of the Customer (VoC) program and drive customer experience growth. As a Medallia and Qualtrics Partner, we work with your existing CEM platform to improve reporting, amplify insights, and enable customer-centric decision-making. 

CEM Capabilities

Rapid KDA

Produce reports detailing your CX drivers’ relative impact on NPS + other metrics.

Actionable Insights Workshop

Provide sessions on how to leverage your CEM system to identify opportunities.

Text Analytics Optimization

Collaborate with your managed services to implement your company’s TA program.

Dashboard Optimization

Use stakeholders’ insights to redesign your dashboards and deliver actionable info.

VOC Insights and Strategy

Course correct small changes in your program and refresh established processes.

Insights Reporting

Develop customized reports to provide key CX insights at scale on an ongoing basis.

Past success story

Driving Value
Through User
Testing (UAT)

In 2021, a Fortune 100 credit card company sent an annual customer experience survey across global markets in English and local languages, requiring several steps of review and approvals from local translators and legal teams. OGC Global streamlined the local review process, saving time and reducing errors by 85-90%.

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