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Driving Value Through User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Customer Experience Management (CEM)


In 2021, a Fortune 100 credit card company sent an annual customer experience survey across global markets in English and local languages, requiring several steps of review and approvals from local translators and legal teams. OGC Global streamlined the local review process, saving time and reducing errors by 85-90%.

Challenge or Opportunity

The client's CX software/survey management platform struggled to track all the changes from local reviewers because there were many steps of review and approval. Our goal was to create a straightforward process that the client could manage independently. With this, we prioritized an easy-to-use interface and automation that would significantly reduce time and errors.


Our first step was a detailed discovery into the project’s scope to identify opportunities to fix issues and fill gaps. By positioning ourselves as part of agile and dynamic conversations with thought leaders, we customized our solutions to support their goals.

We then started work on a tracker that simplified the process of looking for data in different areas. We worked within the framework of the client’s security environment, introduced automation, and tested the technology at every stage. Finally, we integrated our solution into the client’s workflow by conducting user testing, creating comprehensive documentation, and hosting simple and accessible training sessions.


OGC amplified its focus on client customization which resulted in a more dynamic, robust, and transparent process, as well as in the centralization of program knowledge.


Building solutions with nimble technology
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