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Quantifying CX ROI through Behavioral Modeling and Simulation
Data Science


In 2023, a major insurance provider sought to understand the impact of customer experience (CX) and loyalty programs on policy renewal. OGC Global conducted an extensive analysis to quantify the ROI of CX improvements, leading to strategic changes that boosted annual recurring revenue (ARR) by over $50 million.


The client, a leading insurance provider, found itself in a highly competitive market where customer experience (CX) and loyalty played pivotal roles as distinguishing factors. Despite possessing an extensive reservoir of customer data, the client encountered challenges stemming from an underutilized and inefficient analytics framework, coupled with a limited grasp of the CX impact and evolving customer expectations. Our objective was to craft a robust and replicable model that could precisely identify the most impactful CX levers, encompassing interactions, surveys, and factors influencing customer loyalty, ultimately enhancing policy renewal rates.


Our approach involved an analysis broken into several phases:

Investigative Analysis: We explored current CX trends and modeled interaction behaviors among policyholders, utilizing advanced analytics tools and merging customer datasets from across the enterprise.

Simulation and Modeling: We simulated thousands of combinations of various CX and interaction levers to determine their impact on outcome metrics using a decision science-based methodology centered around several machine learning models. This process involved rigorous testing of different scenarios to identify the most effective strategies.

Strategic Implementation: The focus was on reducing friction in the policy audit process and enhancing proactive outreach to third-party brokers. This strategy was selected for its significant potential to enhance policy renewal rates, as indicated by our simulations.


This project improved the client’s immediate financial performance with a 3.7% increase in policy renewal and loyalty rates, leading to a marginal rise in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) by over $50 million. 


Advanced Analytics and Simulation
Strategic CX Optimization
Significant Revenue Growth
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