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Leveraging an Agile Plus Framework to Position Bundling Concepts
Market Research


A Fortune 100 telecommunications company wanted to understand what home internet, mobile, and streaming service bundling concepts would attract consumers. Using our Agile Plus framework, OGC Global produced valuable research at half the cost and a third of the time of a full custom study. By discovering actionable high-level insights, we answered this question in time to inform key strategy conversations.


We understand research projects within large organizations often entail bureaucratic hurdles and experience delays from overcrowded workflows. Our goal was to scale down instead of trying to include everything a regular project would require, creating opportunities for flexibility and focused results. By rising to the challenge using our in-house research capabilities, we tailored programming and data collection to the client's needs and reduced the inefficiencies that outsourcing would create.


Through our Agile Plus framework, we consolidated our client’s menu of standard questionnaire screener options, segmentations, key concept attributes, and essential features to create a streamlined questionnaire build. Within a day of sign-off, we programmed the survey and had a topline reporting deck within five days.

Beyond quick and quality data, we leveraged our embedded experts and their end-to-end experience to customize and complete every step of the project, including programming, quota management, field management, and cohesive reporting. Our in-house resources and strong client relationship gave us deeper insight into the client’s needs. This enriched our methodology and findings with comprehensive recommendations built on institutional memory.

The Impact

Our range of Agile Plus solutions turn research approaches like concept testing or benchmarking into “light” tactics that don’t require months of legwork for results, allowing our clients to be responsive to business insights rather than reactive to the market.


Rapid response quantitative research
Customized and collaborative approach
Embedded in-house expertise
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